Who brought the water from the well?

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At an ancient monastery, a young disciple brought three pitchers of water from a hand pump well in the early morning instead of just the usual two. The well was at the foot of a steep hill.

As the journey to the monastery was arduous, he was proud of his progress in strength and stamina.

He told his Master, “Master, today I brought three pitchers of water. It’s all there for you to use”.

As he walked away, Master turned around. He recognized the young monk who had joined not long back.

Oh, wait! Don’t go. We need to talk…

Freedom from social conditioning and a fresh path to Self-Realization.

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A few years back, words like True-Self and Self-Awareness were alien to me. It was not until I concluded that life was not worth living that awakening dawned upon me.

Forever, society had conditioned me to believe in some far-away God.

It has been five years, but the moment of awakening in my heart is still as fresh as a dewdrop on a petal. That day, all lies fell apart. I could see through the false, fear-based life that the system trained me to live.

It was a moment of Unconditional Love and Eternal Freedom — freedom from the mind…

Story of an unexpected relationship.

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What happened? Did someone hit you? What are those? Bruises?” Nina asked Ritu, pointing at the red marks on her head.

Oh, no, nothing. I hit my forehead in the wall at night while walking towards the fridge,” she replied with pain in her voice.

Just five months back, Ritu had married the love of her life. But soon, it turned into a hellish affair. Signs of physical violence were always visible on her body.

It had changed her into a gloomy person. Once a chirping, smiling girl had transformed into a lonely one.

Constant fights had worn her down…

A narrative poem.

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The picturesque beauty of the Himalayas
Visible from our cottage’s window
Magnificent hills and valleys
The uncharted hamlet of Tandi

The unexplored trails, hidden in the mountains’ belly
Once again, we went on a path unexplored
Treading the peaks and troughs

Out of the blue, the tracks widened
Leading us to the village of Bhua

As we entered, she came running to welcome
Excited, she smelled us like a child
Her tail wagging, body shaking in excitement
Jumping all over us, expressing her affection

We paused to pet, express our joy As we marched towards the cottage through uncharted territories…

Story of the farmer’s search for his precious possession.

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Rusovek, the farmer, lived in Kalach, a remote village in Russia. He had lost his beloved wife, Angel, in a car accident a year back. Only Torro, his beautiful dog, gave him company. He always wore the diamond ring that Angel gifted him five years ago as a symbol of their love.

One day, Rusovek was enjoying with Torro in his garden. Torro loved playing fetch in the big garden. Almost half of the day went by. Tired, Rusovek went to the kitchen to cook some soup. While cooking, he felt something missing.

The ring,” he exclaimed, “Where did it…

Story of the man who discovered the secret to blissful living.

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Mike had been trying to meditate for many days now. Every time he would sit, something would happen, and his session got disrupted. He discussed the problem with his wife, Rose.

They decided that no one would disturb Mike from 5–6 PM, and he would use the study room for his meditation session. Anything that came up would need to wait till 6 PM.

Mike was happy with the new arrangement. For the next few days, everything went smoothly. His wife took care of everything in that hour. His meditation got deeper — he could be at peace longer.


Story of the man who won over his anger.

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The past few months were unforgiving. The new boss made work-life challenging for Mahi. He had to work overtime almost every day. He was trying to get through the change peacefully but was getting nowhere.

I have been trying so hard and yet, no progress. Today, I will find a place on the terrace to meditate, where no one disturbs me.” Mahi thought.

Although Mahi had been a regular meditator, he found it hard to sit quietly because of the recent upheaval. And at times, when he did get time to meditate, someone from the family would disturb him.


“I love you because I am Love.” — Osho

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Have you ever thought about what the meaning of life is? What are we doing on this sphere, circling a big ball of fire? Do you feel something is still missing in life irrespective of how much success you achieved? What are death and the afterlife?

If you are caught up in this mystery, you will end up pursuing a spiritual path that leads to Awakening.

Awakening in simple terms is realizing that you are one with the Universe. …

A simple 4-step approach for applying acceptance in your daily living.

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Aman, my younger brother, entered my room with a mournful face and yelled, “The project has gone on hold. I can’t take this shit anymore. Three months of effort, all down the drain. And how will I pay the new employees?

“Veere, don’t worry, we will find a way out,” I said, trying to comfort him in trying times. Veere is a loving way to address brothers in .

I asked him, “Have you been following your daily meditation routine? And come on, you are such a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. Where is acceptance?”

“I don’t need such…

Story of the progressive farmer and his desire for a new house.

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A farmer named Ram lived in a hut with his wife. The house had a single big hall and a small kitchenette. The bathroom was outside in the verandah.

To improve his living conditions, he worked hard on his fields every day. He wanted to enjoy the luxuries of life, and a bigger home was the first thing to do in his plan.

He brought some machinery and shifted to high-quality seeds to give him an excellent yield. …

Ramandeep Singh (नूर)

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